The group sets market standards by creating innovative concepts, competitive pricing models whilst providing consistent level of service.

Alpine Group started out as Alpine Rent-a-car in 1967 as a car hire operator. This was the initiative of our CHAIRMAN, Tony Zahra, who at the time as a young entrepreneur foreseeing Malta’s future in tourism. Today the group has a combined paid up share capital in excess of EUR11million and employs over 200 employees.

Every new initiative undertaken by the group is still based on the same entrepreneurial spirit as in those early days. Then, as now, changing time have always been the basis for opportunities.


Our CHAIRMAN, Tony Zahra, is the founder of the group setting up the first company in 1967 at the age of 21. From then onwards he followed with more successful initiatives leading to the growth of Alpine Group as of today.
During the past 30 years he also held various Government appointments including directorships at The Malta Development Corporation, Malta International Airport plc and Air Malta plc.

He also held office of a number of constituted bodies including appointment as Senior Vice President of the Federation of Industries, Council Member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and more recently the Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association, where he currently holds the position of President.

In 1994 he was appointed Hon. Consul of the Republic of Lithuania for Malta and still holds this position and was decorated with the Cross of officer of the Order of Lithuania Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania for services rendered to Lithuania.

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