Intelligent Payments Group

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]Intelligent Payments delivers advanced payment integration services to eCommerce/Multi-Channel merchants and Banks. We simplify the complexity of international payment processing, whilst adding new payment channels and services.

The Matrix Payment Exchange provides the most comprehensive payment handling system available today. The Exchange has been built using the most advanced components available in order to deliver industry leading services.

Our business is entirely focused on meeting the evolving payment and business needs of our clients.

More payment options, more business

  • Intelligent Payments integrates with up to 200 payment channels and Visa/MasterCard Acquirers on 6 continents
  • All payment channels are normailsed for ease of operation
  • Supports eCommerce, MOTO, Mobile and POS payment data capture

Valuable insight into buyer behavior

  • Intelligent Payments enables its clients to fully understand their payment business
  • Data can be sourced and merged from any relevant source
  • The Matrix Exchange enables users to make valuable Risk & Marketing decisions in Real Time

[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]Secure, Reliable, Flexible & easy to use

  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • 100% available data centres with DDoS protection
  • Integrations are fully customised to meet any client need
  • Intuitive management of rules, filters, workflows & reporting systems

Greatly reduce your risk exposure

  • The Intelligent Risk framework provides the latest fraud-screening technology
  • Our Risk Management System operates in Real Time with full visibility
  • Rules, Filters & Workflows combat fraud & compliance risk

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