Comtec Pest Control

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]Since 1967 Comtec has been the number one choice for businesses and home owners in Malta and Gozo in providing safe and effective control treatments to the threat of insects and rodents.

Our company was the first to offer comprehensive and professional pest control services assuring a pest-free and hygienic environment through the use of safe, yet proven technology and methods.The strength of our reputation and standing in the community is testimony to the relationships that we enjoy with over 25,000 clients – from the largest industrial, commercial and government entities to the individual homeowner who knows and trusts our company.
[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]We are differentiated in our market by our longevity, our commitment to standards, our range of service treatments, our relationships with our clients, the quality of our staff and the continuity of innovation and improvement in the delivery of service to our clients.

Choosing Comtec as your pest control supplier is backed by our reputation for professionalism and quality.[/column]

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Comtec International

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”] COMTEC International is continuously introducing innovative thinking and problem solving solutions to ensure the better protection of our customers’ home, office or commercial premises against unwanted pests.The best pest control is that which gets to the crux of the matter. For this reason, the function of area cleaning and sanitisation has been added to our list of services.  By instilling higher levels of hygiene, the requirement of pest control and chemical use, is reduced significantly. COMTEC International’s services are relevant to both the domestic, as well as the commercial market.  With regard to the commercial market, it offers tailor-made services for each business sector. The handling of pest control and area cleaning / sanitisation varies greatly from a hotel to an office and factory.

[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”] Our service programmes are presented in such a way so as to offer the most effective approach to the problem at hand and is adapted according to the client’s business sector.

The main variables would include:

  • the type of pests which invade the premises;
  • the level of hygiene required for the processes which are handled by the particular business;
  • the level of sensitivity when it comes to handling certain locations, such as a clinic or hospital

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