Fexserv Financial Services

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]Whether it is the delivery of foreign currency to clients, the issue of travellers and bankers cheques, or sound financial advice, Fexserv’s investment in technology and banking relationships over the years has brought it to the forefront of the financial sector.

Fexserv Financial Services Ltd is a financial institution licensed by the MFSA and has been providing a range of financial services to the Maltese market since 1995.
In conjunction with its banking partner, Deutsche Bank of Germany, Fexserv introduced its own state-of-the-art banking platform in 2003.[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]The company’s head offices are situated in San Gwann and serve as the hub for Fexserv’s entire foreign exchange business, as well as the provision of Western Union Money Transfer.

Fexserv also has branches in St.Julian’s, Rabat, Mdina and a regional office in Gozo.

Fexserv offers services in Foreign Exchange dealing, International Payments, Trade Services, Travel Money and Western Union Money Transfer.[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]


Fexserv Investment Services

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]Fexserv Investments Services Ltd was set up in November 2000 to widen its portfolio of services to its ever-increasing customer base, and holds a Category 2 License issued by the MFSA.

Aware that each client is an individual with specific and diverse needs, Fexserv’s qualified advisors continually source out diverse and objective studies that enable them to provide the best solution for every client’s individual investment needs.

[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]Fexserv exclusively represent Cominvest Asset Management GmbH (ADIG Funds) and Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Ltd (JUTM). The product range includes Investment Funds, Capital Guaranteed Products, purchase and sale of Foreign Bonds & Shares, as well as purchase and sale of Local Equities.

Fexserv Investment Services is also licensed by the MFSA to act as a sub-agent for Middlesea Insurance, p.l.c. Through this arrangement, Fexserv is able to offer a full and comprehensive range of insurance covers.

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SGGG Fexserv Fund Services

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]”Accurate, timely administration with no surprises”
These are the hallmarks of a great alternative strategy fund administrator.

At SGGG Fexserv Fund Services (Malta), our knowledgeable team of accountants and other professionals offers you the depth of experience and professional training required for trustworthy, trouble-free fund administration.
[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]With the experience of SGGG Fund Services Inc. having over 220 alternative strategy funds under administration worldwide, we have seen virtually every type of fund strategy, helping us evolve a sophisticated understanding of your needs.

To this we add the experience of Fexserv Financial Services, one of the leading and most established companies in the financial services industry.

We act as your administrative partner, helping you focus on the management of your fund.
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Global Gold

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]The founders of Global Gold recognize the absolute necessity to safe-keep part of one’s assets in physically allocated precious metals in a safe location. The world’s financial system and fiat currency model entail flaws that require prudent precautionary measures. Global Gold was founded to offer private and institutional investors a solid solution to address precisely that challenge.

What does Global Gold offer?
Global Gold offers private and institutional investors a safe, convenient and attractive way of buying, selling, storing and/or delivering a variety of allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and bars. All of this is done from within the secure confines of high-security vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong and a few other select international jurisdictions.

Private and institutional investors
Global Gold offers two distinct service packages tailored to the differing needs of private and institutional investors, i.e. banks, asset managers, funds or family offices. A private investor will generally tend to require more personal advice and guidance. Institutional investors, on the other hand, have requirements that are more related to the technical aspects of trade placement, processing, custody or reporting.

Buy, store, sell, deliver – safely, conveniently and cost-efficiently…
As a Global Gold client, you buy and sell bullion coins and bars at competitive rates. You avoid the high margins and brokerage commissions typically encountered with retailers. All instructions can be effectuated without your presence being required in Switzerland. Through a secure and password-protected login, you have 24-hour access to your transaction and storage reports with all relevant details. However, online access is not necessary for the functioning of your account at Global Gold.
[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]Physically allocated and directly owned – nothing less!
The Global Gold solution is NOT a “paper metal” solution. Global Gold clients hold direct and unencumbered ownership of physically allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium products in the format they purchased in. A rapidly growing number of precious metals certificates, ETFs and other “paper metal” solutions, generally issued by banks, are being introduced to the market. Most of them have provisions that protect the interests of the issuer in the context of a crisis.
Generally, in the case of a financial or monetary crisis, or in the case of “unusual market conditions” and the like, the issuers have the right to suspend all redemptions and services. Physical deliveries can be replaced by cash payments (so-called cash settlements) at their discretion.
Global Gold does not have any such provisions or cash settlement clauses. It is not a certificate, an ETF, a security or claim account. As a client of Global Gold, you do not merely have indirect or fractional ownership of bars (e.g. units or “goldgrams”). Your precious metals are not exposed to creditor obligations or counterparty risks. And, they can not be pledged, leased or otherwise disposed of without your explicit instructions.
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Bastion Wealth

[column width=”25%” padding=”5%”]Bastion Wealth Limited is a joint-venture company between BFI Capital Group, a Swiss asset management firm and Alpine Group, a diversified Maltese holding company.

Bastion Wealth Ltd is registered and authorized as an Alternative Investment Fund Management company in Malta.
[/column][column width=”25%” padding=”15%”]The parent companies bring considerable experience in the funds and wealth management industry, complementing each other with their expertise and service offering. They cover a wide geographical area with strong links in the US, Ireland and the UK, in addition to their own domestic markets.
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