Sponsor building of day care centre in Deda Ethiopia

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Deda is a small village in Ethiopia which is reached from a sort of road by tracking uphill for over an hour on a dirt track. Although it is cut off by its very limited accessibility it nevertheless is the home of a substantial community which spreads out over a large area. This is home for these people who are earning a living from toiling the land. Deda is part of the Vicariate of Jimma Bonga.

Deda has very little or nothing in the way of facilities and was in desperate need of a proper kindergarten day care centre for the children.

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Alpine Group and on the initiative of its Chairman Tony Zahra together with the assistance of Dun George Grima, the Group financed the construction of the day centre together with the kitting out of the centre with appropriate furniture and including a proper kitchen and toilet arrangements.
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The day care centre was named ‘Dar Ersilia Zahra’ after the mother of Mr. Tony Zahra who passed away some 30 years ago. The official opening of the day care centre was attended by Dun George Grima who is seen here riding a donkey to Deda and by Bishop Markos Gebremedhin in late February 2012.

Mr. Zahra said “it has always been an objective to return to those that are less fortunate than ourselves some of our good fortune. We wanted to make a difference to a number of people and especially to young children”

“We hope that we shall be able to help further this area in the future and continue to make a difference to these people. We thank Dun George Grima for the wonderful work he is doing to aid the poor and the destitute”

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Dun George Grima said “we are grateful to Tony and his company for making this dream a reality and we are hoping that there will be other companies that take on other such initiatives as the needs are very big indeed. I can be contacted on Mobile 79853611 or e-mail:for those who wish to make a difference to others”.